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Michael Jonathan Bell

Mikey was an energetic, happy, loving 16y.o. He was always laughing and wanting to make people’s day happy and fun. Mikey had a smile that would light up a room. His empathy and compassion for others is what made him different at such a young age. Mikey would even go in his closet at home after school and find clothes or a pair of shoes that Mikey felt a friend or a schoolmate needed. He would often, randomly ask me to take him to drop off clothes at a classmate’s or friend’s house. It would always touch my heart especially knowing how much he loved his shoes and clothes. He was very fashionable! He talked to many friends in need for hours if they were in a “bad place” to make sure they felt better. Mikey had talked about the Lord to a few teenage friends who seemed lost in their personal journeys in life. He had done countless things for others, young and old. He discussed issues other teens had and he always wanted to make a difference. Mikey is remembered and missed by everyone who knew him.


Mikey’s death is a lesson to ALL young and old about valuing other human beings like he did and to never fall into the trap of just doing things because others are, but truly standing up for what is right like he always did.

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